About Us

Pine Knob Wine Shoppe offers a diverse selection of wine, spirits, beer, cigars and food for every occasion. Whether you are shopping for a casual night in, a wedding or school graduation, our knowledgeable staff can help you select items that fit best for your friends and family.

Our wine selection covers over 3500 labels. Our list and orders are chosen by wine experts, and come from some of the top-rated vineyards on a local, national, and global scale. We pride ourselves on a diverse selection, and keep our vintages and labels current and classic. We also custom order wines for our patrons.

Customers are also able to choose from over 1200 different options for premium liquor, whose categories include: bourbon, scotch, vodka, whisky, rum, and many more. For those wanting to expand their horizons, we like to offer our patrons options that go beyond the norm. For others preferring to stick to the classic brands, we have all premium quality labels at the ready.

A worldwide selection of beer is offered with one trip to our store. We boast a vast selection of microbrewery beer, with a focus on quality and variety. Ask our team about food pairings.

Speaking of food, we also offer deli, pizza and broasted chicken options to assist in any of your catering needs.

Finally, Pine Knob Wine Shoppe has over 50 fine cigar brands, kept at a market-low price. We also offer premium hookahs. These are kept at an ideal temperature and humidity, and many accessories for both are available at our store.

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